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Do I need to do an AES Filing?
Are you, or your company exporting goods valued at more than $2,500 USD? The U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) require you to file your export information electronically through AES, the Automated Export System. Most exporters need a thorough understanding of AES because the consequences of filing incorrectly can be costly. This is where the experts at come in.
The acronyms are always changing and sometimes it doesn't make much sense. We're here to make sense of it all and make it easier.
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We will never sell your information to any third party affiliate. Your information is solely used to complete AES requirements. Please see our entire Privacy Policy.

During your online application, if you do want assistance or referral to a third party for transport arrangements, you can opt-in.
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Most exporters don’t know or realize the benefits of an outsourcing approach. By choosing to use, export documentation systems, you can save time, eliminate redundancy, and stay in control of your export compliance.